yoga and pictures ( pincha mayurasana )

pincha mayurasana against a wall

pincha mayurasana against a wall

The more I experience it, I more I feel that yoga is a very generous sport. (When I say yoga, I really mean the physical practice.) I can get the benefits of a pose, without going all the way to the full pose at its technical extreme. But, if I wish, I could strive to advance the pose. At a basic level, yoga is like a soothing massage. At an advanced level, it’s like practicing for a dance competition.
It’s been nearly eight years since my first yoga class ever, and I’ve been practicing more or less regularly. Yet, I’m no where near a level that is technically difficult to achieve. What I’ve learned instead, over these years, is probably how to do poses the right way, especially since most of my teachers taught in Iyengar style.
Now doing the same familiar poses over and over again is getting kind of boring. So I’d like to try to stick to developing some difficult poses. Pincha mayurasana, or, the so-called feathered peacock pose is a good one. Today is day one.
Oh, I could use a teacher.
A perfect example of Pincha Mayurasana, found from a Gerard Arnaud studio gallery >>


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